Shooting Love Arrows your way…

Hi there! 😀

Sooooo, this is me shooting a Love Arrow your way…


Position yourself well o. You’d be lucky to get shot by this arrow! 😀

I guess we all know that Love is expressed in various ways; giving being one of them. Therefore, I’d like to express my love to you by gifting you something fabulous this “Season of Love”. Just because y’all are the real MVPs 😉

Here’s what’s up for grabs

ankara t-shirt  patch skirt patch dress

You like? 😀

To win, simply do the following:

  • Follow me on Instagram by clicking here (that’s if you’re not following already). If you don’t have an IG account, open one and then follow me! hehehe
  • In the comments’ section here below, tell me your favorite love song(s). Only comments on this blog post count!

PS: The winner will be randomly selected and contacted thereafter to claim his/her prize.

  • A male winner gets the Ankara Patch Tee-Shirt
  • A female winner gets the Ankara Patch Skirt
  • If the winner has a daughter (from 6 months – 12 years old), he/she can opt for the Ankara Patch Dress from our fashion line!
  • This giveaway is open until February 13, 2018.

That’s it! Simple as ABC…

I’d love to know what your favorite love song is. Mine is “Stay With You” by John Legend (Mine and Le Hubs’ song 😉 ). What’s yours?

XOXO Related image

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Thursday Two-Liner #48

When you say “yes” to comparing,

You say “no” to being awesome…

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Thursday Two-Liner #47

Instead of striving for perfection…

Aim to be better than you were yesterday

small steps

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Thursday Two-Liner #46

Be yourself.

But, always your best self…

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Who’s the real MVP?

I am an Arsenal FC fan by marriage. After I said “I do” to a certain fine young man, I adopted his surname and many other things including the football club he supports- Arsenal

I never really cared for football before I met the hubs because I never saw the sense in grown men chasing after an inflated rubber. It was too sweaty and frankly, quite boring. But old things have passed away. In fact, I can now comfortably hold a conversation about football players and the rules governing the game. Things we do for love eh? 🙂

I had an interesting chat with my friend the other night. Let’s call her Mrs O. I was hailing her on her arrangee skills. You know all those people you can allow to handle/organize any event/party/catering/gift buying while you go to sleep? Yeah, that’s Mrs. O… I call her The Fixer. When I want party favours for my daughter’s birthday party? Mrs. O to the rescue. I want suggestions for a nice gift to get my pastor? Mrs. O has it covered. I want referrals on where I can get quality ankara fabrics at a reasonable price? Mrs. O can handle it. I want a big bowl of ofada sauce? Small thing for Mrs. O. Yup! 😀 So I was just twale-ing for her as per some major organizing she did recently and she responded that it (organizing) was her talent and how she sometimes envies my writing skills.

Wiped out as I was, a light bulb came on and 3 letters came to mind: M V P*

Coincidentally, a football match was showing on TV.. Roma was flogging Chelsea 3-0. Hehehe, I just had to chip that in (petty, I know). Anyways, I was thinking of the beautiful concept of team work and how this idea of MVP tarnishes it.

I culled (from the following statement from Arsene Wenger to help explain my thoughts: “I am against it (MVP) because I think it gets in the head of players. We have seen many people only thinking about themselves because they are obsessed by the Ballon d’Or and not by the team performance, and I believe football is a collective sport and we live already in a world where everything is individualized. We want to respect what football is about, first about the team effort.”

Thank you jare baba Wenger. I may not agree with some things you do/say, but I agree with this one 100%.

Now in response to Mrs O’s reference to my writing skills, I told her that we all have our different gifts. No one is more important than the other. We all complement one another. This is what makes the world colourful and beautiful. Imagine if everyone in the world was a writer or a fashion designer or a fixer like Mrs O? Me thinks the world would be very bland indeed. You know what would be more interesting? I’d write something the fashion designer would enjoy reading. Then she would make me a dress which I would wear to slay at an owambe organized by Mrs. O. See? All the dots connect this way and it makes more sense because then there will be people that actually benefit from your gift.

The way I see it, this notion of MVP is a no-no because it leads to…

  • Overestimation of self and trivialization of the talents of others. Where one sees one’s self as the best thing since sliced bread, indispensable and in a nutshell, better than others. No, I do not agree that Messi (or CR7) is the *G.O.A.T (coman beat me) because without the other players in the team, they would not be able to score goals.
  • The comparison trap where one tends to see other people’s talents as better than theirs and wish they had ” more ghen ghen” skills. Here, a sense of inferiority thrives.

Even Mother Nature opposes the MVP model. Truth is, nature thrives on interdependency. There is no MVP. Rain is not more valuable than sunlight when it comes to rainbow formation. Neither is a spermatozoon more valuable than an ovum for a foetus to be made. These elements complement each other to create something beautiful. That’s the way it works. Let’s take a cue. Why do humans like to complicate things sef?

So my dear friend, do not think you have nothing to offer the world. God didn’t make anyone talentless. That gift of yours you’re despising is needed by someone else as a solution to a problem. You too are the real MVP joor. Also, my dear CR7 sorry, my other dear friend, the world does not revolve around you. Biko, come down off that high horse. It’s not that serious you hear?

We are all good at different things and that’s OK. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take the M out of the MVP, OK? Thank you very much.



Everyone is valuable. Full stop. C’e’st fini.

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What Music Genre Are You?

I’m learning not to be a *yessy person these days… this is coming from a chronic ex-people pleaser. I’m learning how to say no these days and not feel guilty about it. I’m learning to decline tasks and invitations that would disrupt my plans or add stress to my already long to-do list. I am learning to create my own music and dance to it without any reservation.

Let me give you a recent example of the exhibition of the new me…the *un-yessy Lahmeet. The other day, my colleague sent a survey to the rest of us to complete. Now for the records, I hate surveys especially the ones that ask open ended questions. You can call me a lazy survey filler because I’d rather the multi-choice ones… I just can’t be bothered to crack my head to supply feedback about topics that I’m likely not even interested in. So, you can imagine my “joy” when I saw her email. I opened the survey and there were several open ended questions. Ha! I promptly closed the thing with a not-today-satan resolve. To top it up, I was even busy sef …proper excuse to decline (I know, I know… I’m still working on getting to the point where I don’t feel I need to have/supply a reason for saying no). Like 30mins or so later, she walked up to my desk…

Colleague: Hi Anita. Did you see my email? Have you done the survey?
Me: No I haven’t… I’m working on a report (Still WIP guys… bear with me)
*** Another 30mins later***
Colleague: Anita, how far? Have you done it?
Me: No, and I’m not going to (OK I actually didn’t say the “I’m not going to” part out loud but hey, it was implied)
(crickets….my expression is as sober as a judge’s while she smiles)
Me: Why are you smiling?
Colleague: Nothing… I’m just wondering why people are not responding favourably to taking the survey (the ex-yessy Lahmeet would have given in at this point…)
***Curtain closes on dialogue***

I know I am still work in progress but I am proud of how well I resisted the urge to pull out the former yessy me. I pat myself on the back for not allowing my colleague’s jazz to shatter my rock. You see, the fact is that people will sometimes come with their own music and demand you switch off yours to listen to theirs. You don’t have to, you know? You can put your foot down and continue playing yours. The disjointed medley would force them to carry their wahala music away and leave you to enjoy yours in peace. And even if they prove stubborn and refuse to leave, you can whip out your earphones, plug in and tune them out!

But, I should also state that some people’s music may compliment yours… It is possible to have a blend of different music types… I think Linkin’ Park’s numb which is a fusion of rock and rap is pretty cool. In the same way, another person’s music may blend with yours to create the ultimate remix…The person’s presence in your life makes it richer and better. If so, it’s OK to entertain them. If not, biko carry on with your smashing music. Refuse any discordant music in your life, know and stick to your preferred genre of music and rock on!

Peace out!


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Movie Trailers and Behind- The- Scenes

I love watching the making of my favorite movies. It shows all the hard work that went into producing a masterpiece movie… the details, the film tricks, the makeup, the stunts and even the goofy mistakes the actors make in delivering their lines. It never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into making one movie. A movie that runs for just 2hrs can take 2 or more years to be made. For example, the movie “Avatar” took 10 years to be made!

Now, the trailers on the other hand are solely for the purpose of whetting the viewers’ appetite… and mehn… do they whet! To the extent that one can be tricked into watching a mumu movie all because of a ghen ghen trailer… that feeling of being 419ed! It can pain sha

Lol… if you’re a frequent reader here, you would have already guessed that the above preamble is leading to something, abi? Hehe, bear with me biko; I love using every day relatable stuff to drive my point home.

So what’s all these about trailers and behind-the-scenes and what “moment of truth” lesson have I resurrected my dusty, cobwebbed blog (my last blog post was on…. *covers face*) to share?

Well, it’s social media o…Instagram to be specific… I was stalking going through the pictures of someone I follow on IG. Every photo was just a hit back to back. So perfect and flawless. This person looked so put together and purpose driven. Everything just seemed to be going well for this person. So I asked myself the question many of us grew up hearing, “does this person have 2 heads?” Kai… (Side note: please this is one of the aspects where we should be better than our parents! Never ask your kids this question!). The truth is that I was truly inspired by all this person had achieved and is still achieving…. Yes I was inspired but the green eyed monster still came charging and clawing at my heart. My “achievements” just seemed soooo drab compared to what I was seeing on IG. I didn’t like the way I was feeling so I tried to find out the root cause of the envy. That was when I had an aha! moment… COMPARED!!! Yup that was where I took a nose dive, the point I started comparing myself to this person.

I had to tell (re-tell) myself a truth: COMPARISON IS THE STEALER OF JOY. After that self-talk, I felt way better. Then the words “trailers and behind-the-scenes” flashed in my mind. It made me view this issue in 2 ways:

  1. This person I was envying probably has some behind-the-scenes moves I need to tap into. Kinda reminds me of preparing for exams in school with all the late night reading and cramming and then getting an A after all the wahala. All the success stories I saw on the person’s IG probably happened as a result of plenty hard work and diligence. So I said to myself “instead of hating, don’t you think you should watch the movie making of this person? You may learn a thing or two”
  2. Also I had to remind myself that somebody can just coman have high BP for nothing on top instagram matter because the truth is that many people go out of their way to put up only their life trailers on IG… The harsh truth is that picture you are commenting “goals” for may not have a worthy-of -emulation behind-the-scene… The person you are envying because of all their “slaying” and “on fleeks” may be sad and unfulfilled in real life…

That being said, let me leave you with the advice I gave myself: Be grateful for how far you have come. Focus on making your own movie. Stop wasting time viewing other people’s trailers. Keep hope alive and believe you will also make inspiring movies and appetite whetting trailers. Remember that comparison with others result in discontentment (or an arrival mentality) but comparison with yourself (former and present self) brings about improvement. You only have one competition… the YOU you are yet to become…


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