Yep! I finally did!

For a while now, my friend had been urging me to create a blog… He never really told me the reason he felt I should do this… Maybe that’s the reason I wasn’t moved to make the move 🙂

Recently, another friend of mine mentioned that I could reach a whole lot of people through my words… words of inspiration…words that enrich lives….

From that day, the seed of starting my own blog was deeply entrenched in my heart…well watered by my husband’s proddings too… hmmm…

My goal in life is to leave everybody I meet better than I met them. I want my presence to register positively in every heart, everywhere I go through my gifts…my blessings from God. In a nut shell my life motto is “Blessed to be a Blessing”.

That, my friends, is my reason for finally giving in… I am here to be a blessing to you… yes, YOU!


About Lahmeet

I love to draw inspiration from everyday happenings. I love to share the inspiration I glean with others. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lahmeet
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9 Responses to Yep! I finally did!

  1. Shekwonyadu says:

    Little hinges swing huge doors…this is the keyhole in a door to untapped opportunities..make it happen!! James Bond feels poetic:D


  2. Deinma says:

    Every great feat begins with a thought. But until that thought is acted on, no one benefits from it. Thank you for doing more than thinking. The world or at least those who will visit this blog will certainly be better for it. Nice 1.


  3. Dr2103 says:

    Truly you’re here to inspire. I love your posts; they are real time events. And your manner of writing is simple yet awesome. I totally like. Keep the good work up ma’am! 🙂


  4. Hmmmmmm ur words ar gr8t,am guilty of so many things,wif dis words i no i wil b a change n beta prsn.God has a plan 4 ur lyf,n he won’t b satisfied until his purpose 4 u is fulfilled.thanks ma’am n God bless u 4us all.


    • lahmeet says:

      Thanks Justina. Glad you are inspired to be better. I believe that should be everyone’s desire in life. Continuous and never ending improvement… God bless you


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