Along Came The Other Woman…

It came upon me suddenly… I was chatting with my friend via the office communicator and I realized that I had not heard his voice in ages. I had almost forgotten what his girly voice sounded like! Hehehe…  No, the “his” is not a typo…thank you very much!

And then it dawned on me! The only calls I get these days are from my husband! Hmmm…meaning that if I wasn’t blessed with such an amazing husband then I’d probably not be getting any calls  at all sef. Na wa o. I pondered on this shocking bit of insight and was able to identify the culprit… I dare say, the sneaky steal-er of intimacy derived through meaningful communication in relationships! Yup! The Blackberry!!!

I took out time to google about the blackberry (yeah, thank God for google ba? It’s an amazing tool :)) and the question I asked went thus (“thus” is on my list of funny words by the way…don’t mind me, I’m digressing I know)… anyways the question went thus: “why was the blackberry invented?”. told me the blackberry was invented to make the communication lives of many people a lot easier. From texting, to the worldwide web, people could easily interact with each other. Hmmm… I took my Sherlock Holmes role a bit further and probed and I was informed that the blackberry was introduced for lightning-fast email checks or for staying connected through BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Easily interact…Staying connected… come now… let’s be honest. Can we truly say we are staying connected since the blackberry came into the communication medium scene? Really? And when I say staying connected, I don’t mean checking the recent updates of your BBM contacts o. Really… are we letting these electronic devices take over our basic human interactions? I know all about the ingenious smileys (my favorite is the not interested smiley, it never fails to crack me up). Brilliant I admit, but can a BBM hug smiley really take the place of a real warm bear hug? Talk true o. Can pings replace the simple pleasure of face-to-face conversation or at least hearing the voice of your friend over the phone? And please let’s not even start on the topic of the broadcast messages (especially the forwarded ones). Can anything be more impersonal than those purple fonts? Be honest o! It has even gotten to the point that we don’t even call our friends on their birthdays… Nope! we simply just ping the cakes (thanks to BBM smileys) or maybe we just allow the birthday person’s face to grace our DPs for a part of that day… hmmmm… are we really staying connected? Really?

We are all guilty of this (I am too), but I remember when I got this insight, I rang a friend.  From the tone of her voice, it was obvious she was wondering why I called. Lol. I could almost hear her mind saying “why didn’t you just ping me?”. But guess what? When I told her I just called to check up on her, the pleasure in her voice was tangible. She was pleasantly surprised and I felt good I was the cause of that.

Fact: people love it when they are given attention, when they are treated specially. Now, I’m not saying the blackberry is completely evil o. No, it has its many usefulness too. But let’s take nurturing relationships a notch higher. Abi how una see am?

Oh before I forget…a friend of mine (who I had not heard from in ages) pinged me the other day (as in PING!!!– SMH). I was of course glad to “hear” from her after such a long spell. The next thing she said sent me into mild shock.  “Don’t mind me jare, was trying to check if my BB subscription is still up cos I don’t seem to have network”… Hian! Like seriously??? The only response I could muster was “hmmm…okay”.

Go figure!


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19 Responses to Along Came The Other Woman…

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  2. enigma says:

    Nice one, dear. I truly enjoyed the piece & the animation gives it a little extra. Love the play of words. I guess we are all guilty of this bb syndrome (covering my face). Thanks for the reminding dear.


  3. SamT says:

    Following from the guilt that I felt after I read this, I checked my phonebook to actually call a friend and realised I have got them as a BBM contact but don’t have their phone number anymore *smh*. That compounds the terrible feeling I experience right now *covering my face*


  4. Jacob Dumudje says:

    True talk ………. It’ll go a long way in helping us adjust ……


  5. tega .o. says:

    Relationships are harder now because: conversation becomes Pinging; argument becomes status messege; feeling becomes display pictures.


  6. Erny says:

    Lovely one. We all need to be reminded dat “if it is not panadol, it can’t be like panadol even if it is white”. I visited a friend yesterday and also today. The expression of happiness I saw on their faces cannot be compared to d happy smiley on my bb. I left feeling so cool I made some people happy. There is a place in ur relationship dat bb can never replace. Tanx Anita. More grace to ur elbow and greater strenght. I need to call someone now *looking for recharge card*


  7. Ebun says:

    Nice one……the bbm cannot replace “face to face” or talk over the phone. Sometimes when I ping a friend after the greetings there is nothing more to say and I now wonder how come pple stay on bb all day chatting. Blackberry is truely the “other woman/other man”(…..smiling)


  8. Ugo says:

    Hmmmm….okay. (LOL). Thumbs up! Though there might be another school of thought…*Lip are sealed* .


  9. tobi says:

    I remember my last bday, my husband didn’t wish me Happy birthday even though we got up from d same bed, because he already put some nice words up on his pm and my face as his dp, what da!!! I can’t remember the last time I called close friends, I have lesser nos than bb pin these days.. And I hardly receive personal calls now except business ones. Wow, dis is an eye opener. Nice writeup


  10. Andrew says:

    Really enjoyed this piece, you don’t value what you have until you lose it; gradually real relationships are becoming pseudo-relationships, and the amazing thing is, people are comfortable with it…okay some are not but no one wants to take the step to get out of the ”rut”. Just how do you express the warmth you feel through a ”toy”?


  11. Abbie says:

    Nice write up, very honest one too…last paragraph got me cracking up…thats wat bbm does truth be told. I used it for 3yrs n i enjoyed every moment of staying intouch with friends far n near dat the thot of changing phones scared mi…and then just like d day i was excited to get bb for the first time…i was excited to get rid of it too…i just all of a sudden got tired of d broadcasts most esp. i received d same bc almost 10times…haba!! o sun mi mehn….n the thot was wld i stl b in touch wit everyone once i got off bb…
    well its bn 3months n i can say i dnt miss bbm at all…ok ok mayb d status updates of folks but i’ve stayed in touch with friends n not just electronically but we actually do get to talk…come to think of it i have to make some calls today. Lol!!
    Thanks for this writing up, it made me smile 🙂


  12. Taiwo Morakinyo says:

    Well done!!!
    seriously, I’m watching out for you!


  13. The Beadsmith Online says:

    truly love ur post.,quite an eye glad i read it 🙂


  14. Tell me about it! I think we all are guilty of it in one way or another. I usually don’t collect anyone’s pin unless I’m sure I will be in touch, so my contact list consists of active persons! But then again, because I know I am sometimes guilty, I try not to be hard on anyone who doesn’t keep in touch often. The bb is a good tool that can sometimes be abused. It is up to us to use the tool wisely so that it doesn’t become a hindrance instead…
    Enjoyed the write up!


  15. aneetaah says:

    Inspiring, breathtaking, n an xcellent reminder of d need 2 stay truly connected 2 our luvd ones! God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ namesake.


  16. Hmmmmmm wetin i wan tlk again?rili u hv said it all dis days is only mntns end or birthdays dt i hr 4rm my frnds xpcally d nw mnth msgs.dis social ntwrk thing slf don rili get me slf am rili guilty of it.thanks mama need 2 get connected wif my frnds again.hope i will gt a call 4rm u soon too?


  17. laoludavids says:

    Very well said, my dear.. FOMO(Fear of Missing Out) – a social epidemy that affects our microwave tweeter, blackberry, and facebook generation, we have been thought to bypass the rigorous and sincere process of building valuable relationship that would help us appreciate humankind.

    But God knew there’ll be such media to communicate and that tells me there’s a formula to nourishing healthy relationships – Please continue this series …:)


  18. Great piece woman of grace, more wisdom IJN


  19. Derin says:

    Asin….I’m so sure it would warm my heart to just receive a ‘just called to check up on you’ call from my friends. And so, I should do same. Thanks for the reminder neeta….


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