My husband once gisted me about one of his friends who wasn’t able to poop for 3 weeks! A whole 3 weeks o! Now I can’t really say what he must have gone through, because it has never happened to me and since this is such a sensitive and somewhat embarrassing issue, I decided not to ask him to describe his ordeal. Instead I made some enquiries about the manifestation of this malady. Hmmmm… what I found out wasn’t pretty o. Those 3 weeks must have been torturous for him. I imagine he would have been constipated, extremely uncomfortable and would have had great difficulty farting and even when he did fart, it would have been the “atomic bomb” kind… You know, that extremely smelly kind that would necessitate him migrating to an isolated place to detonate… or risk being the cause for many casualties! Another thing I garnered is that retained poop can lead to intestinal or rectal infections. Hmmm… trying times indeed…Poor guy!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m going on about poop abi? I’m not trying to gross you out or nothing o. The thing is, I just took a dump (yeah I am human and I am proud to say I’m a pooper…lol) and as I felt the habitual relief that accompanies this epic event, it got me thinking about sin… Yes, SIN.


It’s ok … I hear you asking “how does poop relate to sin biko?”

Well here’s my take: the average individual poops everyday and if this task is not accomplished, the person does not feel at ease, right? Right! You see, poop is waste discarded from the body. It is toxic. It is very harmful to the body if retained. We all just carry out the act without really thinking about it, but I tell you this; the fact that you can poop every day (or every other day, depending on your body system) is enough for you to lift up holy hands in worship to God Almighty.  Just ask our friend up there…

Now I’m going to relate this to sin…. Let’s leave the grossy details and focus on the spiritual angle. Getting rid of sin (poop) always leaves us better and lighter… a “feel-good” effect, if you like. Sin is like poop… if we don’t pass it out, we live in discomfort. Major discomfort!

I forgot to mention that my husband’s friend was unable to eat well during those 3 weeks of hell. The retained poop affected his ability to take in fresh food. That’s what sin does… It creates a mighty dent in our ability to receive from God. Our prayer life becomes stunted because the guilt that accompanies sin stifles our intimate talks with God. Studying the bible would be an ordeal too. Also, just like my husband’s friend had to travel miles away to fart, sin isolates us. It isolates us from God and His people. Even though surrounded and egged on by others involved in the same sin, the loneliness would still be there deep down.

And just like you gotta poop as soon as it comes upon you, you also need to offload that sin ASAP, it would be unhealthy to hold it in… in fact it’s fatal to not pass it out. Relieving yourself of sin is very simple (although we love to complicate it). Sin is actually disobedience to God. It is simply doing what God says you should not do and vice versa. We all find ourselves in this kind of situation from time to time. The way out is ‘fess up, ask God for pardon… and His help so that we do not fall back.

Pooping is good o… in fact, I highly recommend it!

…Or what do you think? Go on… don’t be shy, share your thoughts 😀


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42 Responses to YOU HAVE GOT TO POOP!!!

  1. khume says:

    Hmmmm! Lahmeet is at it again.
    I like d way relate ‘poop’ with ‘sin’
    Ǥõõϑ one!


  2. Lahmeet says:

    🙂 Thanks Khume!


  3. lulu says:

    Good comparism, great humour n point made!


  4. Andrew says:

    Well said…don’t wish to be in that guy’s place please!!! But it seems strange how that we feel comfy with a backlog of unconfessed sin. I need to use the toilet!!


  5. Joke Shittu says:

    Wow! Anita fantastic! Kudos!………..plz keep inspiring!


  6. ayol1 says:

    Good write up,hillariuos and sensible too.thanks .


  7. pomare tiri says:

    I like this analogy. Makes a whole lot of sense


  8. Sugarush says:

    Wat a way to preach d gospel!


  9. Dorothy Bawa says:

    Great one Nita!yes,I’m inspired n d konection meks sense.So help us God never 2 harbour sin.


  10. chidi says:

    Standing for u Lameet, Nice 1. Keep blessing us with wisdom


  11. Lahmeet says:

    Thank you Chidi… God bless u!


  12. zealthinks says:

    you killed it again Lahmeet….*Bullseye*


  13. J'odie says:

    An interesting concept…well done. 🙂


  14. Ralph says:

    Great Lahmeet, great message here. Gosh “i nid to take some andrews liver salt to enhance proper pooping…” abi?


  15. Ocelot says:

    Wow….funny but true. U did a rly good job of relatin d 2. Sin actually does feel lyk poop but u neva rly know until u realise it, I hope many will read dis n get 2 c sin 4 wat it rly is n begin 2 dev a good rel wiv God. Nice 1….rly, nice.


  16. MissNaijaDiva says:

    O boy eh…I will never view pooping the same way again…EVER!! Very important part of a healthy spiritual life…Thanks Anita, great write up


  17. Anna Yashim says:

    good write up mdm, u know,jus like u compared poop to sin,every single thing u see in this physical life can give a spiritual msg for as many as will open up their eyes to see it that way….relieving urself of d dirts & waste in u also makes u grow…how?if a child cannot poop, he can’t eat & therefore wud not grow,infact he’s going to die.folks relate that too spiritually


  18. yspot says:

    Great one nita…… i believe you!


  19. olatunde says:

    Great work sis, keep it up !


  20. Nucreed says:

    Errr, I’m still trying to conveniently align the conceptual comparisons that was attempted here. Might be back to drop more comments.


  21. Derin says:

    You don’t have to thank me…I’m glad I stopped by…dazall. Really really inspiring…!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. iembergavar says:

    Wow… A different angle to this poop matter😀 I can only imagine the guy’s discomfort as a member of #teampoopeveryday. Great piece, great message!

    Liked by 1 person

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