Beyond The Melody

I’m an ardent music lover. In fact I don’t think I can survive without music. I love all music genres… R&B, soul, pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, reggae, country… just name it. My husband once commented that he didn’t think I was “into rap”. But while I may favour some genres over others, the fact still remains that I can listen to anything music… you can sift through the playlist on my phone to confirm. I always say I don’t have a best song… I can have a new best song every week…  😀 That’s how I am when it comes to music.

Now even though I’m so passionate about music, I never compromise on one key thing: The Lyrics. It must make sense (at least to me) and must inspire me towards positive actions, thoughts and choices. Because I like Rap, does not mean I’ll go bopping my head to Rap songs that go on and on about drugs, sex and violence and I cannot carry my love for Pop as far as to have lady Gaga’s songs on my phone (abi what’s her music type sef? Pop shebi?)

Wait first nah… I hear you asking a question loaded with skepticism. You’re probably asking “so Lahmeet, you mean to tell us that all that it takes for you to like a song is the lyrics?”

Well, no… I admit that the melody and the beats of a song play a role too, but the point I’m stressing here is that the lyrical content of a song is the primary determinant of whether a song will be worth my time or not. The melody is just secondary…

Let’s look at it as Lyrics versus Melody… Content versus Packaging…

I chuckle inwardly (when I’m in a polite mood) when some ladies state their specs of a dream guy. They go something like “I want a fiiiiiine guy…. He must be tall, dark and handsome (TDH)…” and I’m like “o…k anything else?” and they are like “Ha! He must be fine o, I don’t want my kids to be ugly”. *Rolling my eyes* I kid not! In fact I had a friend in university who used to judge her toasters based solely on their looks! “He’s too short… He has a big nose… His dimples are not deep enough… He walks one kain…” Hian! Ok nah… I thought it was just school mentality that was worrying her, until we graduated and it still remained her yardstick. At last she had to wake up and smell the coffee! Now she’s married to a responsible young man who is NOT tall, dark and handsome…but he’s not a toad-face either.

I’m not saying looks are not important o, but you sef think about it. Would you rather marry a wife beater just because he has six pack and impressive biceps? Omo, those biceps would come in handy in pounding  you wella! And if you seriously think a woman’s hour glass figure and firm boobs are gonna remain that way forever, you seriously need to wake up from la la land.

Abeg get your priorities right… It’s expected that the attractive package would attract us first, but it may very well be a beautiful covering for an ugly character. It’s only wise to consider the content/character of a person before you go swooning over looks. Get this truth: The character of a person is more enduring than their looks.

Do you know how many women are spiritually broken and physically battered by the men they only got with because of status and looks? Do you know how many “ballers” go broke because all their money went into the divorce of a woman they only married because of looks?

And enough with all the stereotyping sef… who says “TDH” is the definition for attractiveness, ehn? Mills&Boon tinz joor!

So… do tell, are you melodically or lyrically inclined? 😀


About Lahmeet

I love to draw inspiration from everyday happenings. I love to share the inspiration I glean with others. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lahmeet
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30 Responses to Beyond The Melody

  1. gluck-mia says:

    Realy interesting!dis shd be anoder eye opener for our single friends..lahmeet..u nailed dis one again!


  2. khume says:

    Hmmm! Beyond d melody, beyond d physical appearance, beyond d packaging. The content is really important.
    Good one again Lahmeet!


  3. Agada says:

    Lamit! You do real well. You too Much. I remember these words,”Inner Beauty no de fade”


  4. Anonymous says:

    🙂 I dwelt in la la land for quite a while buh I’m wide awake now. Still praying God’ll give me a tall, not necessarily dark, and handsome man *covers face* but I’m thinking more realistically now.
    As for music, I’m lyrically inclined.
    Good piece (Y)


  5. Nucreed says:

    I love slow Makossa tunes and I don’t understand most (or all sef) of what is being sung. Matter of fact, a part of me doesn’t really care to find out what the lyrics is all about. I simply love the feel and all. Can equally say same for some Enya’s tracks and others I can list here now. Yet, I wouldn’t go for a ‘Lady Saw’ or ‘Lil Wayne’ song.


  6. “It may very well be a beautiful covering for an ugly character”….those lines.
    Truth..enough said. Excellent delivery




  8. kaytees says:

    Very nice piece….and so true!!!! We often get our “priorities” mixed up…..but Thank God for wisdom!!! Great job dear!!


  9. irene xplores says:

    Well Anita, TDH is and always will be my critiria. And the wait will be worth it when my Tender, Daring and Heaven sent guy finally comes. Packaging or content becomes whatever we want it to be. Perception is key.


    • lahmeet says:

      🙂 Irene me thinks we are (almost) on the same page here… “Tender”, “daring” and “heaven sent” all connote character and it is wise of you to wait for a guy with these desireable traits. May your dreams come true…


  10. Andrew says:

    Funny this feels like a piece for the ladies?na, reflects on us guys as well..most times we r guided by our eyes instead of our vision, see beyond what your eyes can see..i love the picture…face-off, beneath the veneer of mascara and make up, what lies beneath?


  11. lahmeet says:

    “we r guided by our eyes instead of our vision” hmmmm I like that line 😀


  12. Andrew says:

    Just another line that coincided with this:
    “What lurks in my heart
    That men fail to see?
    Does my life consist, an art
    That confuses like the dance of a bee?

    Do men me visualise, a melody
    A tune playing in their conscious?
    Do they me internalise, a parody
    On what’s the sub-conscious?

    Can they me affirm, lyrically sound
    My life lived in the vicinity of my words?
    Or do they me with my words pound,
    My life seen as untowards?”


  13. lahmeet says:

    😀 that’s not a line my love, those are many BEAUTIFUL lines! :* …and in case y’all do not know, that’s my husband 😀 and as u can see, he’s a genius! *prouding*


  14. Erny says:

    Funny enough, I’ve always wanted my dream man to be tall, fair, handsome with good physique(6 packs). I met them but refused to date them cos they were ugly on d inside(I’m not saying all of them bad oooo!). But the guy I am about to marry is d opposite (pot belly, average height, but he is so fine) and he has the heart of gold. Indeed, all that glitters, aint gold. Nice one Lamit


  15. lahmeet says:

    hmmm Erny so your own dream guy specs was TFH (tall, fair and handsome)… 😀 thank you for reading and I wish you a very fruitful marriage ahead. God bless you!


  16. jay says:

    Well done Mama. Another insightful piece. God bless you and may your creative juices keep flowing.


  17. lahmeet says:

    Thanks Jay… Amen!


  18. Zingfa says:

    Been a while since I came this way….this is so refreshing pastor…great great piece…i can relate to your music choice too…I am just that way….i can copy and paste that first 2 paragraphs without editing a word to describe my music choice and philosophy….:-)


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