What Version Of You Are You?

A funny thing recently happened to me. I decided it was time to change my phone…Well I had to make this decision if not the phone would still be in my possession when I’m 60! You see, I have this habit of never losing phones 😀 … Anyways, my sister introduced me to this phone dealer; he sells and buys phones. So we met to negotiate how much he would buy my phone. It was quite amusing when he told me the price he was willing to pay for the phone… he said 14k for a phone that I got for 40k o. Chai… I remember how proud I was of my latest acquisition the day I bought the phone…past glory tinz, huh? There was something else the phone dealer said that struck home; he said “Sister, people have stopped buying this type of phone, it has lost market value”. It didn’t matter that the phone was all the rave 2 years ago; it just wasn’t relevant now…

This brings me to ask this question: How relevant are you today? Are you the latest upgraded version of you? Or do you have an outdated operating system? OK, I know I said “question” and proceeded to ask questions… hehehe… forgive me. But truth be told, however good you think you are now, there’s always still a better you. There is this quote I love a lot: “The largest room in the world is the room for improvement”. It’s true, you know. You cannot adopt an “arrival mentality” and grow complacent and still expect better success. You need to keep adjusting and re-adjusting. Granted, there are stuff you learned in the past that you cannot just discard, but how about improving on them? After all, even the Oleku attire ladies wear today is an upgraded version of that of yesteryear’s (yesteryear… funny word… :D) And I tell you this, there are even some old ways you would need to let go of altogether. It’s all about learning, un-learning and re-learning… after all, life is a journey, not a destination…

Think about it. Why do people buy the latest models and designs of phones? Why do companies favour graduates with 2,1 above those with 2,2? Why are the exercise and healthy diet sermons so widespread? Here’s why:  A Nokia 3310 will definitely not capture and preserve all those treasured memories, but a Nokia Pure View would! Although debatable, corporate organisations believe people with 2,1 are smarter and more intelligent than those that have 2,2 (please do not crucify me o, that’s the norm). And you would agree with me that exercise and a healthy diet would give you the feel-good zing and body shape you desire which would further boost your esteem.

Like I said before, there’s always a better you… you can be more than you have been… you can do more than you have done. Yes! You can upgrade you. What are your present skills? You sing? Then perhaps under mentorship, you can be a better singer. Are you a writer? How about brushing up on your writing ability using relevant information from the internet? A fashion designer? Why not attend workshops and learn better ways of operating in the fashion industry? Why don’t you trade those mediocre habits for excellence? This principle also extends to your personal relationships. Be a better father… be a better wife… be a better friend… be a better you.

The Nokia Pure View costs way higher than Nokia 3310 (that is if they still manufacture 3310 sef) because of its functionality. In the same way, your worth is measured by what you can do; and what you can do depends on what you know; and you cannot know what you have not learnt; and you cannot learn when you are not aware that there is a need to learn. Phew! A chain of activities we have there 😀

God has invested so much in you. He has given you that wonderful talent but you have to play your part by honing it, with His help of course. That being said, you are expected to step up and take responsibility… Tell me, are you going to?



About Lahmeet

I love to draw inspiration from everyday happenings. I love to share the inspiration I glean with others. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lahmeet
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32 Responses to What Version Of You Are You?

  1. God bless you lahmeet. Inspired to my marrows. I’m definitely gonna brush up on my self. Thankies


  2. Andrew says:

    Life consists of little things…big things are actually small details coming together to produce the ‘big’ effect; thank God i’m not where i was 1yr ago, but i hear u ask, what would i say in the next 1yr? Thanks lahmeet for consistently holding me accountable to be the better me, no room for standing still. Great article..


  3. Miss Biibi says:

    Lovely piece as usual. Powerful message hidden within the simplicity of writing. I sure want to be a better me. so help me God!


  4. Miss Biibi says:

    Thanks Lahmeet. You just keep me constantly on my toes with your writing..


  5. lulu says:

    Another great article! Keep them coming


  6. Malik says:

    Some captivating piece Lahmeet…getting addicted to being a better you can’t be over-emphasized, it’s the key next to God that keeps opening them doors and making you better that you-your main competitor…Keep up the good work “Better Lahmeet”..by the way please change that phone!


  7. Robbie says:

    Good piece Lahmeet, you are very correct. We need to constantly our Ops in order to be abreast with ever changing world. Keep it up. Hope you have changed the phone? Me too, i am changing mine now!


  8. Nice analogy…but Nokia? Maka why?


  9. zealthinks says:

    Timely message….reminds me of the quote…the only constant thing in life is change…we need to be constantly changing…updating our versions…
    Great piece Lahmeet..


  10. Ralph says:

    Brilliant piece my boss. I’m sure heading for the “software upgrade store”, gotta upgrade ME.


  11. Good one Boss.

    Like Dr Mike Murdoch said in his youtube video ‘How to Change Your Life in 24 Hours’ ‘God is the Primary Investor and You are the Secondary’.

    Thank you very much.


  12. tosinadeda says:

    Inspiring stuff, wake up call . . Brilliant story line too


  13. Wow! I must say this is lovely, got me thinking actually and still thinking


  14. I must say that this post couldn’t have come at a better time – a season when we assess the past year and strategize towards the coming year. It’s a challenging post! I’m an advocate of self improvement, and every paragraph had something useful to take home and muse over.
    “… its all about learning, un-learning and re-learning…” You couldn’t have said it better!


  15. Ebunoluwa says:

    Love this. Its very refreshing and has got M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ thinking on how to upgrade.Keep it up Anita


  16. lahmeet says:

    Thanks Ebun. Glad you enjoyed it!


  17. marlynejr says:

    It doesn’t matter that this post is 2012 the lessons aren’t…
    Am lucky I got to read it,bless ur hrt


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