Did you ever read Animal Farm by George Orwell? Yeah I know it’s an allegorical novella that reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917, and then on into the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. I know all about that but “Animal Farm” is what comes to my mind whenever I think of my childhood. Calm down o before you start thinking that I was abused as a child. Lol… You see we had many animals (we still do anyway) when I was growing up. Chickens, dogs, ducks, goats, turkeys… we even had a tortoise one time 🙂

I was the “shepherdess” in my family, the one that was most attached to the animals. OK that’s not quite correct… my mom was the main shepherdess and I was the deputy shepherdess… hehehe.  I helped her a lot with the animals; feeding the chickens, bathing the dogs, administering drugs to the sick animals… that sorta thing and I loved it! 😀

As a child, the chickens used to fascinate me especially when it was time for them to lay eggs. I noticed that after laying, the hen would run around the yard clucking like mad. At first I didn’t understand what that meant but later on I got to know it was announcing to all who cared to listen (as if you could help it) that it had accomplished a feat. It had laid an egg! The duck on the other hand was a different ball game. In fact my mom and I named our duck Lady D  :). She had this dignified air and waddle about her. Whenever it was time for her to lay her eggs, she would just jejely enter her coop, do her business and calmly waddle out afterwards. So I had a bit of trouble keeping up with her “achievements” because I had to deliberately go to her coop to see if she had laid any eggs.

Now tell me, who eats duck eggs?

Why am I saying all this? OK allow me to clarify what I’m driving at. There’s this quote that says: “If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap, than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door”- Emerson, Ralph Waldo. The first time I heard this quote, I thought it was spot on but I have reservations about it now because it doesn’t quite encapsulate all that is required for the world to make a beaten path to my door, especially in this day and age. I agree that having great talent and skills is very crucial but I don’t think it’s enough to build an excellent mousetrap and just fold your arms and wait for folks to make a beaten part to your door. If you don’t get off your butt and tell people about the wonders of this mousetrap of yours, you go jones o!

The world is a global village. It’s true. There is no monopoly of skills and knowledge. The fact is there are competitors doing what you do. Sometimes they may even be doing exactly what you do. The question now is: How do you stand apart from your competitors?  Well, after creating that wonderful product, my advice to you is this: CLUCK VERY LOUDLY!

That’s right! Make some noise!

Some people may perceive “noise makers” as being proud and well…annoying… What I believe is that there is a thin line between pride and self awareness. Yes, a thin line; but a line nonetheless. Then again, the noise has to be the right kind of noise otherwise it would be pride. Hmmm let me explain what I mean. When I got the idea for this post, I asked my husband this question: “What is the right kind of noise?” He replied: “… I feel it’s up to the “noise maker” to know why the noise is being made.” When he said this, I had an “aha! moment”… Whatever you are making noise about must first and foremost be beneficial to the recipient of the noise. Once selfish interest is out of the way, then it’s not pride.

Noise making does not necessarily mean shouting. Don’t take it as literally as the chicken clucking. Noise making implies being visible, showing people what you can do and making people notice the things you do that can add value to their lives. I’d like to even think of noise making as being a blessing to the world through the contributions of your skills, talents and gifts. Yup!

So my dear friend,  if you sing, bake cakes, write articles, dance, plan and organize events, sew dresses, sell flowers, design graphics, cut hair, whatever you do that is value-adding and beneficial, GO AHEAD AND CLUCK! 😀

I’d sure love to hear from you. Are you a chicken or a duck?



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47 Responses to CHICKENS AND DUCKS…

  1. ReubenRane says:

    Makes a lotta sense. Anything wey dey sell now, na hype cause am.


  2. Shekwonyadu says:

    When I first read this, my mind kept asking “isn’t that pride?”, the concept of “telling my market about my products”. But then after careful consideration, I do agree with this, and just like the bible says about salvation, how can they hear…unless someone tells them? If you keep your abilities to yourself without exhibiting them or using them to help people, well, no one would be able to “market” you ultimately. A man’s gift makes room for him, but still someone has to be told to take notice, maybe several someones.. Thought provoking read lahmeet, u r indeed a blessing…


  3. kennie says:

    Nice article……..I got the whole message clearly and will definitely put it to use


  4. Shirley says:

    Each time I read from you, there is something new and fascinating to learn from your article. Funny enof I am a milliner who make hats and fascinators for all occasions. I will take dat bold step and make a noise, yeah CLUCK .
    Anita well done, great job..


  5. U never disappoint me. Cool


  6. alpee says:

    Nice article and also a source of encouragement.


  7. Lamit: You are one wise woman! Like you have rightly pointed out, advertising is crucial in today’s world especially when the motive is right. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S What did you do with the duck’s eggs? I’m curious …


  8. zealthinks says:

    We were fond of this saying..”if you don’t blow your trumpet, no one will blow it for you” my friend one day told us that is not true…he said truth is “if you don’t blow your trumpet, someone will collect it and break it so u won’t even have a trumpet”…it was hilarious but I guess the message was clear…thanks again dear…this is great..


  9. I used to be a duck in the past, but I guess it was more out of the fear of being rejected than pride. Time has gone by and the strings of the past tug occasionally, but I seem to have found that balance between clucking too loudly and clucking when necessary!
    Thanks for the encouragement, I think we all needed it in one way or the other!


    • Oh and I forgot – our childhood had this in common – we did have a farm back then: dogs, cats, cows, goats, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, etc. After reading Animal Farm I really got scared about going to pick the chicken’s eggs and having them revolt against me, haha! I started talking to them each time I went, just to pacify them! I named all the animals in the house as well and when I left home they would call to ask me what to name a particular pet! 😀


  10. nkechi says:

    Nyc 1 dear.


  11. nosaosasuyi says:

    This is so insightful and inspiring. Would love to follow up on more of life blessing blogs from you.


  12. jay says:

    how did my “baby” sis turn out to be this amazing wise woman,really proud of you babe.
    this is a very great read and once again you are on point.
    God bless you.


  13. kaytees says:

    Lovely and inspiring article!!!! I agree with u completely!!!! In as much as there is a thin line between confidence and pride….if u don’t speak up for urself and hype urself or what you do… one else will!!! “As for d blowing of d trumpet” comment…my take is if u don’t blow ur trumpet….it will rust!!!!


  14. Nelly says:

    nice nice nice! Anita! weldone!


  15. Ralph says:

    Aneeeta sha! Always on point> emm, i gotta go clucking! Weldone my boss.


  16. Rose says:

    Wow! Ds is really inspiring. U are a channel of blessing, God bless you richly.


  17. gbemisoke says:

    Insightful post!
    I can relate to Bluephoenixrebel’s fear of being rejected. What if I cluck and others don’t like my work? Thank you for presenting this balanced perspective. I won’t be making any excuses after now. *now clucking away*


  18. Youdwak says:

    Hmmmm very nicely put. Dis ur yarn make sense die(like my waffi peeps will say). Big ups our deputy sheperdess


  19. Tope says:

    Really inspiring.
    Uhmmm …… Food for thought.


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