Let’s talk about LOVE…

It is not a coincidence that in the English language love is classified as a verb. After all, a verb is a doing word or an action word. I really don’t believe love is solely confined to just mere feelings. Love always takes a step further by doing and expressing. Love says. Love acts. Love does.

Valentine’s Day has come to be symbolic with love, although if you ask me, every day should be a love day. It is not to be relegated to February 14 only


That’s what I feel sha. But you nko? What are your thoughts about love? What does love mean to you?

Please post your comment below and stand a chance to win this absolutely fabulous FM perfume by Frederico Mahora. It does not matter if you’re male or female, there’s an FM for you! 😉

Oh and you can post as many comments as you like. You never know, your 20th comment may be the winning comment! hehehe….

Good luck!

Go on, I’m watching! 😀

Lahmeet competition


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I love to draw inspiration from everyday happenings. I love to share the inspiration I glean with others. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lahmeet
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51 Responses to Let’s talk about LOVE…

  1. Dorothy Bawa says:

    Love is so many things to me @ different times..it is a shoulder to lean on when life wearies me; it is d smile given me on a tiring day; it is the heart that holds me dearly @ every moment even when I don’t meet expectations.
    Love is true and it endures forever,it is not conditional and does not keep a record of wrong.
    Love is uplifting and giving.
    Love is simply the greatest gift ever given!


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