ANDREW: More than just a Hobby!!!


I’m usually great at remembering dates, but I don’t remember the exact date Mimi introduced you to me because I never thought we would ever go beyond that polite exchange of nods and handshake… However, I vividly remember that cool January evening you requested that I take a walk with you in life… 😀  Yup, that was the way you put it… So we took a walk… a literal one at first… and then a binding one…

We are still walking… and I have never regretted embarking on this walk with you. Neither have I grown weary or thirsty, even though we started out this walk 7 years ago. 7 years of comforting strength from you when weariness beckoned… 7 years of ever flowing refreshing streams to keep every thirst at bay…

Your heart of gold. Your smile. Your kindness. Your intelligence. Your biceps. Your devotion to God. Your teach-ableness (hehehe… that’s a word I coined o).  Your loyalty.  Your sense of humour. Your hair. Your consideration of the gate man and waiter. Your love for family….

I could go on and on… These are the things I love about you.

You provide for me. You encourage me. You correct me. You lead me. You pray for me. You protect me. You inspire me. You support me. You love me….

I could go on and on… These are the things I respect about you.

… And no matter what gift I give to you today, it can never match up to what God has given me in the form of you. Happy Birthday darling!!!

This is for you, with all my Love…

happy birthday to my husband


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22 Responses to ANDREW: More than just a Hobby!!!

  1. jay says:

    hmmmmm, i go love oooo.
    HBD to my wonderful brother-in-law, who has become a brother indeed.
    you guys deserve each other.

    Having said that, where’s my cake (DBC)? waiting o….


  2. Andrew says:

    You are the woman for me
    Though others may try
    They won’t find me
    No matter how much they cry

    You are the woman I see
    My destiny and purpose
    Entwined around thee
    All others can only assume, I suppose?

    The one who makes life better
    With whom I want forever
    I feel like a pacesetter
    Because you are my forever

    I close my eyes this instant
    I see my life before me
    Though all of it seems instant
    But with you I’d rather be

    My friend, my lover, my wife
    Closer than a brother ever
    Intimately giving life
    Bringing out the best in me, my lever.

    I love you so much, truly
    I tell everyone e’en facebook
    And if they prefer to be surly
    I’ll tell them sit on this hook.

    I pour my love on you
    As though it was perfume
    Till the scents speak to you
    Through your senses and the fume

    I love you, my lovely angel
    You came to help my life
    Even though ur not evangel
    Your words reshaped my life..


  3. Shirley says:

    Hmmmmmn! All I can say is that I’ve always noticed glow on your skin, bounce in your step since I knew u both. God Continues to provide for him to maintain that grace on U.Anita! Hehehe( I want to be like you when I grow up)
    Happy birthday oNce again to Andrew, the love your life.


  4. Alheri Pantong Davwar says:

    Awww so so beautiful…Many mre years ahead 2geda filled with God’s love and goodness…I celebrate u 2dai and always.I rimba on B block,ribadu hall hw we teased Anita and always asked ‘hw’s Andrew?…am so glad u both stayed 2geda…lov u both oh.


  5. OK, I’m re-blogging this! 😉 Thanks! 😀


  6. Reblogged this on writeforsanitysake and commented:
    This post is coming from fellow blogger lahmeet. I like the fact that her husband decides to reply her in the comment box as well. Talk about Songs of Solomon!


  7. Dorothy Bawa says:

    Mrs Dre,u don talk your own oo!May God make ur home swter n swter n 4 diz man Dre,I’m glad having you as friend n soooo glad I inroduced you to ma cousin! C love,carry on oooo n have a memorable bday.


  8. swachet says:

    Wow! I must love ooo! Great piece! Wish ya grt years 2geda. Much love.


  9. Samuel Dauda says:

    The power of love can make u write a book and still say its unfinished. This is good, I thank God for adding one more year to your husbands life.


  10. princess Chidawa says:

    Awwwwwwww, how sweet. I’m soooo jealous. Now u gon make me cry. May God continue to bless u guys, shower ur home with love and laughter. Happy birthday.


  11. Miss Biibi says:

    Awwh! I’ve got tears stink my eyes, Anita. Beautiful piece. Happy birthday to the man behind this great woman. God bless you both and may each day be a new experience of love, Amen!
    Never knew Mr. Andrew is a poet (wink* wink*). Great combo!
    God bless you………………….


  12. bryan says:

    I wish I can go on reading this master piece, big bro happy birthday and to my sister in law nice birthday gift.


  13. zealthinks says:

    Yes Pastor….I like!!


  14. bubu says:

    Death by chocolate? Hehehe


  15. bubu says:

    Hmmm ‎​​Anita, ‎​ ‎​you sabi love o…happy birthday 2 the love of ur life


  16. peace o eche says:

    Twins from difft mothers is wat I can say… Kip the scent of love flowing so others can learn from u two. Happy Birthday Mr Giwa!


  17. hunterbiyi says:

    A beautiful piece I must say Api bday to him and congratulations @ being gifted wit such a wonderful gift in form of ur hubby


  18. dauda chris says:

    Wow!!! Superb!


  19. Samuel says:

    Nice post. Happy birthday to him. U guys will live to see ur children’s children in prosperity and good health IJN


  20. Silas Lamai says:

    Heart touching…. me too woman must love me o!


  21. ganaijachic says:

    Reblogged this on Chilling with Shay and commented:
    I’m using this avenue to ask for permission to reblog! 🙂 This is an awesome piece straight from the heart and born only of pure unadulterated love. A love like this will help you weather the storm TOGETHER and I bless God for these two. I don’t know them; a friend sent me the link to this blog so enjoy everyone!!!
    P.S. Make sure you check out comment no 2 (It’s not me :p)


  22. Inthe... says:

    And the crowd goes….”Awwwwhhhhh!”


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