Christmas Cloth Mentality

I remember when I was a kid and how I used to look forward to Christmas day 😀 . In fact, it was (and still is) my best holiday season. I get to have new clothes, new shoes and a special hair style. I also get to visit various uncles and aunties who would dash me money *reminiscing smile*. Also, the meals for that particular day were always extra special. I remember that my mom would feed us bread and her “special omelet” for breakfast… we would then go to church for a special Christmas service and come back home to meet a special sumptuous Christmas lunch! This was the day that my mom would put the special casserole dishes stacked high on the kitchen shelf to use. Oh yes, I remember the special sights (Christmas decorations), smells (chin- chin, fried chicken, cake…) and sounds (Christmas carols and advert jingles reflecting the season) of my childhood Christmas and I remember wishing that the day would never end and staying up as late as my eyes could bear just to make this so…

But alas! The morning after Christmas, all the magic disappears and even as young as I was then, I used to feel the emptiness and wonder “where did all the Christmas cheer go?”  It’s usually back to square one the morning after. Back to the normal breakfast… The normal chores that I got respite from on Christmas day…. And as for the uncles and aunties that were so generous the day before? Na who born you well to expect them to dash u any money?

And so I would have no choice but to wait for the next Christmas day… or Easter maybe…

OK!  Raise your hand if your childhood Christmas experiences were somewhat similar to mine… 🙂

But enough with my ramblings… I’m a grown woman now but it would seem that we sometimes still save special experiences for “special days”.

I mean, what is stopping you from living, really living your life to the fullest now? What’s stopping you from wearing that pretty dress you bought months ago today? What are you saving it for? How about expressing love to your spouse today? Do you really have to wait till Valentine’s Day to do that? Forgiveness nko? Do u set apart a special date in the far future for that or skip out on the process entirely?

The thing is that we still have that Christmas cloth mentality

Truth is every day is special. It all depends on you and how you see it. It is you that can choose to make every day you live a special one by maximizing it to the fullest. I had to break away from the Christmas cloth mentality which was not so easy a task, seeing that I grew up with that outlook, but I’m better for it now. I don’t have Christmas clothes… nope! Instead I try my best to look good EVERY DAY! When my husband and I unwrapped our wedding gifts, I didn’t save the expensive stuff for a special day… nope! I put them to use IMMEDIATELY. When I am busy at work, even during an important meeting, and I feel a sudden rush of love for my husband, I don’t tuck the feeling somewhere in the folds of my heart to unleash on him later in the confines of our bedroom… nope! I reach for my phone and ping him a *Love struck* smiley THERE AND THEN!

My simple message here is this: Maximize every moment… don’t push your best days forward… Live NOW!

live life

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Don’t leave with them.  Do share them here  🙂


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20 Responses to Christmas Cloth Mentality

  1. drepayne25 says:

    Hahaha, I remember Christmas and New Year as a kid, popsy’d give us all mint notes and it was a thing to brag about..we turned into lil’ beggars asking for “Happy Christmas” or Happy New Year money, lol. The christmas cloth was worn afterwards only on special occasion not knowing that everyday was special, maybe our parents wanted to preserve the clothes but it entrenched in us the mentality that we only got to use “new things” on “special” days..thank God for deliverance But seriously, everyday is a special day, and I will enjoy it to the max. Thanks dear.


  2. Onoyom Ekpiken says:

    I love your write up, very nice and fun to read… Thumbs up dear…xoxo


  3. zealthinks says:

    So I have this special dad…growing up I never had the Christmas cloth experience…dad told us Christmas is about baby Jesus and taking gifts to him like the magi did…he made sure we take more than the usual sunday offering on Christmas….it was really difficult for me to understand then…especially when all my friends had new clothes every year!!! 🙂 well now understand better and I can say thank You dada…we had the special food though…hehehe
    Like this piece Lahmeet…great write up as usual ..


  4. Khare says:

    Reblogged this on Khare.


  5. Yemisi says:

    As a kid, Christmas was my best day ever! New clothes and shoes; only made my hair during christmas! Even grew up hearing “everyday no be christmas.”
    But you are right, everyday can be enjoyed as christmas. It’s all up too you. You can “christmalize” all your days. Why postpone my happines to a certain day when I can enjoy myself on a daily basis?
    For me O, I have decided that “everyday fit be christmas”. It’s all up to me!


  6. oshikoya olaide says:

    Very on point my dear frnd,I remeber we have special plates 4 xmas day sef……….Mrs Andrew Giwa wisdom all d way,like pastor Yemi will say every service is a special one in GIC.txs frnd


  7. Miss Biibi says:

    Couldn’t post my comment yesterday ‘cos of internet issues but this article really got me thinking..

    To be truthful, I’m so guilty of this and I know so many people who are probably equally guilty. I particularly take the blame for this, although one can’t totally rule out the role our parents unconsciously played in passing this down to us, even as their own parents passed it on to them. I am ashamed to admit I have some new clothes that has been in my closet for almost 3 years now; never worn and not given away. I guess at the back of my mind, there’s a false belief that it has to kept for special occasions and that occasion has taken forever in coming. It’s a terrible habit but I think it has been ingrained into my subconscious. I watched my sister break from that hold in life but I don’t seem to have done so well in breaking free, staying always in my “presumed” safe mode. I feel the Holy Spirit prompt me every now and then to let go of that safe mode, false special day mentality and live fully the life Christ died to give me. I know it takes a conscious effort to break loose and do this and I can only ask for grace to do likewise. Thanks for the reminder, dear. I guess I’ll need to take action and act now and live full, for there’s no special destination or one special occasion, life should be lived and enjoyed fully in the present.
    Time for some cleaning out..


  8. Very true, although I feel the Nigerian state of mind had a lot to do with this mentality; many people could not afford to buy new clothes during the year. Yes, everyday is special and we can only live life to the fullest if we begin to see it as such. Nice piece Lahmeet!


  9. vincent says:

    u’ve gt me reminiscing indeed! i agree wit u 100%. Y hold back swit moments wen we can give all. besides life is short…..tyt article keep d flag flyin!


  10. Khume says:

    Hmmm! Very true. Christmas day used to be really special for me cos it automatically increases the money I have in my piggy bank.
    And I remember my clothes were always special in my mind. I actually had special ways of walking and sitting down on christmas days, especially when I realise my dress is more beautiful than my sister’s or other cousins.

    Hmmm…I can’t stop laughing at myself as I reminisce those times.
    Although, I didn’t like the ‘errand running’ part that always came with every christmas back then.

    Thanks Lahmeet for this thought provoking piece.

    Love u much!


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