1 Year don waka…


Like play like play o… exactly 1 year ago the first post was published HERE on Lahmeet! Wow! It has been an amazing journey since then and I am so thankful to you all for taking out time to read my thoughts and sharing yours too. Indeed, without you, this would just be an empty space.

Thank you!!!

As always, I cherish your feedbacks and would love to have them. Abeg take out just a few minutes to respond to this poll so I can serve you better 😀 … It’s all in the spirit of self improvement like I said HERE and HERE  You can also leave your comments too 🙂


About Lahmeet

I love to draw inspiration from everyday happenings. I love to share the inspiration I glean with others. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lahmeet
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5 Responses to 1 Year don waka…

  1. drepayne25 says:

    Seems like yesterday that you mentioned it that you were gonna start a blog and 6,000+ hits later, you’ve churned out one post after another that have been not only instructive but practical… thanks for keeping to your promise that you’d inspire us but above that God has used this to keep us in check. It’s bigger than you imagined 😉 :*


  2. Tessa Doghor says:

    Congrats dear
    I enjoy your blog a lot


  3. irene xplores says:

    The ThursdayTwo-liner is the greatest invention of Lahmeet!!!


  4. Ene says:

    Congrats hon. I’m so proud of you. Greater things beyond ur wildest imagination awaits you. Hugs


  5. Shirley says:

    Happy anniversary Lahmeet, indeed you have enriched lives and inspired us all.
    My people, I read an article of this wonderful blogger, and BOOM! I got challenged, started my hat and facinator making and more after neglecting the craft for long time. here this part- I was so passionate that I BLEW MY TRUMPET to whoever cared to listen, it didn’t matter where they were and it’s amazing the journey so far, in 6 months! I just dey waka go bank like play so.
    I don’t miss any post because I pick a lesson or two from them.
    To a great blogger of our time! TUALEH LAHMEET
    God bless the man in your life( your oga at the top)

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