She pulled a “Susan Boyle” on us!

Now who would have thought it? Nobody! Who would have thought that this plain looking, thickly- accented -voiced 47 year old woman would belt out such pure magic and beauty?

That first performance from Susan Boyle on Britain’s got talent when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérable always gets me… always… it’s the way she magically produced the opposite of our expectations (yeah including me and the 1.46 sec lady in the video :D)  Just amazing!

Nobody expected that!

The thing is I didn’t even plan to write this post. After all, I just posted today’s Two-Liner  a couple of hours ago and I would expect y’all would still be digesting it 😀 .. I was just watching some videos on my phone and Susan’s performance was one of them.  It brought on the usual goose bumps I get anytime I watch it so I decided to view it again on my desktop. Walahi, if my boss had passed my desk at that point, he would have figured out I was stealing from the company’s time. No report is capable of eliciting that wide smile and teary eyes from me 🙂

Simply amazing…

I could watch that video over and over and the song she sang was so apt because she did dream a dream abi? I don’t know how long she had been waiting to show the world this extraordinary gift of hers. She did say she never got the chance to do so before then.

Susan Boyle may not know this, but watching this performance brings to mind so many truths. They are truths that we should all be aware of so that we don’t miss out the extra ordinaries wrapped in the ordinary looking. Susan was just like that when she came on that stage in front of all those cynical eyes and scoffs. She was a diamond tucked away in a piece of burlap…

The truth is…

  1. Judging people by their appearances only may cause you to eat your words (and thoughts) about them later on. I know this can be a tad difficult for us because after all we see a person before we get to know the stuff they are made of. In a glance, we can summarily assume a person is so and so… Well, you may be very wrong about that person!  For example, I would have sacrificed the bliss of being married to my wonderful husband on the altar of 1st impressions… Hehehe… but thank God I took time to get to find out the amazing person he is on the inside. Oh I just might post some pictures from his “bloomer days” to show you what I mean… I just might 😉
  2. But then again, even though our talents are not emblazoned on our foreheads for all to see, it does not mean we should not work on our appearance. After the world heard Susan and she became a sensation, she metamorphosed! Suddenly looking more attractive and all. I think she did not have to wait until she was a star to invest in her looks. Yes, I realize that her style before stardom may have seemed OK to her but with such a big dream of wanting to be as successful as Elaine Paige, me thinks she should have made more effort. She should have dressed for where she wanted to be, not where she was. Now just imagine if she had come in with a more fashionable haircut, trimmed eyebrows and if she had exchanged those unattractive shoes for something trendier. Maybe Simon would have given her a benefit of doubt huh? I did like that she surprised them though. The change in their expressions from boredom/disdain/pity to wowment was awesome!


3. It is never too late (or early) to live your dreams. I watched Susan living hers at 47. And she went on to be a huge success. Her net worth was estimated at £22 million in April 2012. As of 2013, she had sold over 19 million albums worldwide and received two Grammy Awards nominations. What can you do? Now don’t scratch your head and say “nothing”. I believe God deposited talents in each and every one of us. It’s just fear that keeps us from launching out and expressing our gifts. Well, look deep down… some of us don’t even need to look that deep… singing, writing, counseling, comedy, dancing, cooking, baking, fashion desiging, organizing, reaching out to people, even talking. There are so many talented people out there and you are one of them. Don’t let fear stop you. Go ahead and pull a Susan Boyle on the world today!

May your dreams come true…

So what do you think? Please share with us your thoughts on Susan’s performance. What lessons does it teach you? I sure would love to read from you… 🙂


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3 Responses to She pulled a “Susan Boyle” on us!

  1. bwcarey says:

    great story, susan boyle, cinderella with a voice that soothes, thanks


  2. drepayne25 says:

    This is so true. I guess sometimes I walk up to some opportunities with a lowered expectation so that I’m not disappointed if it doesn’t pull through. But then maybe, just maybe, believing in me whatever anyone says is the best motivation. I loved the “David triumphing over Goliath” moment when the judges faces suddenly lit up to what was unfolding before their very eyes… The moral, never ever judge a book by its cover (and, yes, some that have fancy covers are totally a waste of time content wise).


  3. Dame Olabimpe says:

    Susan’s story is an encouraging and motivational one no doubt. When I first watched her video, it brought tears to my eyes straightaway. This wasn’t only as a result of her powerful voice but d fact dat she was laughed at and looked down upon when she came on stage. Her story to me, is a lesson and reminder of not judging a book by its cover. I thank God for using her(in this regard) to open the eyes and ears of our hearts somehow.


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