Never saw Leah in this light…

Who would have thought such a profound lesson can be learnt from her plight…

The Psyche scrolls



Hello Leah,


It’s hard to watch you these days. I’ve seen you go from being the bubbly robust personality full of jokes, life and love to this docile adaptation of your existence. You used to be my go to girl. For laughs, the occasional emotional high, the random deep conversation. These days, I stare into your eyes and all I see is emptiness. It’s like you were a ziploc bag full of water and then I ran a knife through it. Apt analogy because I did run a knife through you. Through your heart and soul. I emptied the contents of everything that was warm and good and fuzzy and happy. Now it’s just a hollow cocoon.


There’s someone else Leah,


It didn’t help much that I wanted Rachel from the start. She was indeed the first person I met when I first arrived on Uncle…

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Dots Connector 💫 Lessons Chronicler 👌🏾 I have a penchant for gleaning inspiration from everyday happenings (even the most mundane stuff😁) and I absolutely itch until I share those lessons 😆. Hope you leave inspired... 💜
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