About Throwback Photos & Throwback Seasons…

My friend sent me a throw back photo from 2013. He was yabbing me about the way my mouth was shaped in the picture. I was dancing in the photo so I guess my mouth was simply aligning with the rhythm. My mouth and hands usually play a huge role in my amazing dance moves πŸ˜‰ …

But, I digress…

Although my friend was out to make fun of me, I was more focused on how on fleek my hair looked in the picture 😁 See for yourself below…


I said to myself “hey, maybe I should rock this hair style again”. Well, I’ve not yet decided if I’d do the hairstyle but the thought got me thinking (yeah, a whole lot of thinking going on πŸ˜€ )

We sometimes think we can liken different seasons in our lives to hairstyles. Like something we can “rock” again. But does it really work that way? Is it possible to have a season re-run? Is it very likely to re-live a past season?

Here’s what I think: seasons come and go. One season is usually different from the next. They may be some similarities between 2 seasons but I believe some unique characteristics stand out. If I wanted, I could do the exact same hairstyle I had in that picture and thus experience the exact same feelings I experienced 5 years ago in that picture. But can I experience my pre-wife season now that I’ve been married for 6 years? I don’t think so…

This made me think that instead of focusing on the pleasure (or pain) in past seasons or being fixated on the coming seasons, I should just really live in the season that I am in now. You know why? I think doing otherwise would cause me to miss out on the major fruits I can reap from this season.

I don’t want to miss the growth, lessons and moments I can derive from my present season. I want to live in the pleasure and pain, the highs and lows, the victories and detours. I believe all of these concretize to form the stepping stones that I would ascend to arrive at my future season.

What do you think? πŸ™‚

About Lahmeet

I love to draw inspiration from everyday happenings. I love to share the inspiration I glean with others. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @lahmeet
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