God, not genie…

Happy New Year everyone! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

It’s yo girl the absentee blogger… Hehehe. Biko, take me as I am ehn? Squeezing out time to do some things these days is a herculean task. Before I unravel the reason for my blue moon visit, let me ask- how are you? Really, how are you? Let me also congratulate you for making it to 2021! No need for long story, you and I know that being alive in this hunger games season is worthy of plenty accolades. So once again, congrats champ! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

So… what brought me here? Or more accurately, what dragged me here? You see, once what I’m about to share with you took form in my mind this morning, I felt a nudge to share it with you. I didn’t instantly whip out my laptop to start writing, which on a regular day would have eventually dampened the writing urge. But I guess today isn’t a regular day because fam, that urge refused to let me be o. In fact I had a rare opportunity to take a nap, I was already lying down sef but sleep no gree come. So I kukuma got up to write. Holy Spirit – 1: Me – 1 (It’s always win win with God 😁)

This morning was taking-out-the-trash day. How it works in my neighbourhood is that you have to get these kole people (trash collectors) to take the trash off you for a small fee. They are the middle men for the eventual disposal. It’s easier to get them if you go out between 6:30am- 7am. But Le Hubs missed this time slot, so on his way downstairs, he said a little prayer asking God to bring one his way (as per God, the kole supplier na.. lol). Anyways, he said the prayer and believed God would answer.

When he got downstairs, he waited but no kole was in sight. He waited some more, fixing his eyes in the direction he knew from experience they usually come from. Not a peep. But he said that he was not worried; he knew God would send one. So he waited some more. After some minutes, he felt a nudge to look in the opposite direction. So he did, and sure enough, there was a kole!

After he recounted the story to me, it struck me how we sometimes box God in. We expect Him to act within a particular time frame, in a particular way or a particular pattern. We essentially (more often subconsciously) act like God is a genie 🀷

I’ve had many instances God answered my requests but not in the way or time frame I expected Him to. But you know what? 100% of the time, His way turned out to be absolutely perfect! You know why? Because He is sovereign. He knows ALL things (past, present and future). He orchestrates and determines everything that is going to happen in my life and yours too. Knowing all these, I wonder why I’d think that my puny plans and limited logic should be His roadmap for my life. SMH…

A lesson I have learned along the way is to ‘let go and let God” – although I forget to do this many times 😏

God is not a genie. A genie is boxed (or bottled); God cannot be boxed. A genie does your bidding; God does His will. A genie attends to your every wish no matter how ridiculous or fatal; God lovingly gives you exactly what you need. A genie follows a predictable pattern; God can come in the least expected way…

More than just a clichΓ©, God’s time is always the best.

About Lahmeet

Dots Connector πŸ’« Lessons Chronicler πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ I have a penchant for gleaning inspiration from everyday happenings (even the most mundane stuff😁) and I absolutely itch until I share those lessons πŸ˜†. Hope you leave inspired... πŸ’œ
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10 Responses to God, not genie…

  1. Nelo says:

    Awesome! I sometimes fall in dis kinda situation. Just that short and quiet prayer, immediately I see God at work. It gives me this very good feeling and smile knowing that God heard just within a short time, and I want to quickly talk abt it with people around me.


  2. Temitope says:

    Very true sis. Of a truth GOD’s ways are not our ways. Unpredictable GOD!!!


  3. Peace Ali says:

    Nice read. God’s plans for us is the best. We need to be reminded constantly to be patient on him. Thanks and cheers


  4. Jay says:

    Wawuu πŸ‘. Well “said”. God doesn’t exist to do our bidding, He exists for his will to be done in his own time and his own way.
    Thank you Lahmeet for this insightful reminder.


  5. Benita says:

    Just Wow! Yeah God cannot be boxed. He gives us what we need not what we want. ayayayayaya!!!!!


  6. Uduak Christy Etuk-Akpan says:

    Some months back my pastor preached this exact message (how we treat God like a genie in a lamp that we can just rub and He appears).
    This is so well written .
    Thanks Lahmeet for yielding yourself to be used. So inspiring!!!


  7. Yetunde Falade says:

    Well done Lahmeet! God above all else πŸ™


  8. Agee says:

    Very true, thanks for the reminder


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